qMED360 - Hospital Quality Management System - A Quality Solution that Work for You

qMED360 Quality Management System is a hospital quality management solution that enables health care facilities to follow the quality management processes and their efforts towards JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation or its maintenance.

By employing qMED360 to a healthcare facility doctors and administrators can benefit from identifying ways to improve internal processes that will ream more quality outcomes for their patients.

Moreover, the solution will ensure that bench marking of processes such as credential of staffs, continuous learning, good working environment; and above all owner-ship of clinical processes etc. are maintained as per the JCI requirements.

qMED360 Benefits

  • Manages quality indicators, committees, meetings, trainings, licenses and SOPs
  • Helps improve the clinical auditing, incident reporting and RCA procedures
  • Helps sharing of best practices
  • Monitor against benchmarks and compare with the best using dashboards
  • Mitigate risks by maintaining ongoing compliance. Identify and correct nonconform-ance immediately with notifications
  • Continual performance monitoring & optimization
  • Reduction in administrative burden & costs
  • Reduction in duplication & manual processes
  • Improves inter-departmental communication and support activities

Functions of Hospital Quality Management System

  • Quality Indicator Management
  • Organogram & Asset Management
  • Audit & Assessment
  • Sentinel Events & Other Data Collection Parameters Actionable Analytics—FMEA, RCA & CAPA
  • Committees, Meetings and Trainings Management
  • Communication & Collaboration
  • SOP, Policies & Manuals Management
  • Surveys & Feedback

qMED360 Modules

Managing Quality Indicators
Quality management calls for appropriate and systematic tracking of appropriately selected performance indicators. Such indicators are used to de-scribe important phenomena of the organization. Indicators serve organizational management in business direction, including control, continual improvement, transformations and quality assurance.

Continuous Quality Improvement
Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) is a constant and conscious effort to raise the standard of practice in all areas and process of the Hospital and sustain it forever. qMED360 makes sure that the entire cycle of CQI is measurable and is captured on a monthly basis for comparison and analysis. It also allows distributed quality data capture and consolidation across departments.

Clinical Audit
Clinical audit is the process of assessing clinical practice against standards. It helps to improve the patient care and outcomes through the systematic review of care against explicit criteria and to act to improve care when standards are not met. qMED360 helps healthcare institutions identify areas of excellence or areas of improvement, review available evidence and identify the standards/criteria, data analysis and assessing with the practice standards. qMED360 can also act as a platform for making the clinical audit a continuous process.

Incident Reporting
Risk management is a critical aspect of any healthcare organization. As part of any accreditation standard, hospitals should have a system in place that allows them to record and analyze events related to staff and patient safety and quality of care. Our incident reporting module helps hospitals with an easy, dependable means of reporting incidents and everyone involved in the process can be notified immediately to take corrective action. It also allows maintaining an audit history for references.

Health care providers are required to determine what went wrong in a sentinel event and develop a plan to keep it from happening again. Failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA) is a step-by-step approach for identifying all possible failures in the clinical or administrative process. An improved Root Cause Analysis (RCA) will not only help to reduce these incidents, patient risk and cost but also improve patient care. Our Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) helps to eliminate causes of non-conformities or other undesirable situations.

Managing Committees and Meetings
qMED360 lets you create quality committees and members enlisted in the panel. Here the meeting convener can schedule committee meetings, update minutes and actions based on the meeting. Our solution also allows instant alerts to members on various actions and reminders via email or SMS.

License Management
Organizations can manage multiple licenses along with the issuing authority and expiry period in this module. The system will also alert the concerned manager/ personnel at a pre-configured time, when the licenses are reaching its expiry.

User Management
Organizations can manage multiple licenses along with the issuing authority and expiry period in this module. The system will also alert the concerned manager/ personnel at a pre-configured time, when the licenses are reaching its expiry.

Policies and Manuals
Hospitals will have well defined policies and manuals for various departments and activities. Our policies and manuals module act as a repository for managing this information. It also allows the limited or wider access of information based on the authentication level.

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