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Possibilities of using School Management System for Bullying Incidents

Learning Management SystemParents, Teachers and Authoritative Figures are increasingly concerned about the bullying incidents happens at educational institutions. The first step in eliminating such incidents is about creating awareness about the issue. the following are some of the factors that shows that bullying occurs at educational institutions.

  • Changes in behavior and attitude  that can not be explained which will reflect in the academic activities and attendance.
  • Loosing of personal belongings such as lost or destroyed books and stationery.
  • Injuries found on students which they fail to explain.
  • Losing interest in daily activities which affect grades.
  • Changes in Eating and Studying habits
  • spending more time in isolation and withdrawal from activities.
  • Cyber Bullying is also part of these activities

School management System can be effective in such cases to deal with Bullying incidents. If the following things are possible it is possible to reduce the effects upto a certain extend.

  • Anonymous report generation by students and teachers done online
  • Managing Case Studies with respect to interventions occurring.
  • Tracking of repeated offending from a particular student.
  • Finding Hot Spots where bullying occurs through communication by students and teachers.
  • Sending reminders to counselors and teachers to follow up victims.
  • Resolving cases effectively by finding similar situations occurred earlier.