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August 24, 2016
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New Marketing Tips for Facebook Fan Pages

New Marketing Tips for Facebook Fan Pages

Utilising Fans

  • There might be several thousands of people on Facebook.
  • But it is advisable to attract only those who are genuinely interested into liking the fan page.
  • Once a person finds the content useful they will expand to their friends.
  • Engaging with fans is necessary for every Facebook in the form of posting replies to the comments.
  • Posting content that is having terms usually used by the fans will be an added advantage.
  • There is no harm in asking your fans to share a Facebook post.
  • Sometimes it will be good in highlighting the posts to distinguish between ordinary ones.
  • The Facebook insights data of existing fans need to be monitored regularly for finding what topics might interest them in future.

Engagement on Facebook

  • Digging into the Facebook posts that received maximum clicks and likes can be the starting point of the next post.
  • At times Facebook posts can be reposted. This will be good in gaining more likes and comments and making the post live again.
  • Asking questions on Facebook Page will also be good for keeping the audience engaged.
  • It will also be good if Informative posts are posted in between other casual posts.
  • If a Facebook post is done at the time when maximum number of fans are active, there will be chances of getting more likes.

Utilizing features of Timeline

  • While designing Cover page it is always advisable to keep the dimensions to 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels in height.
  • Also the profile pictures should be of dimensions 180 pixels in square shape.
  • Adding a Call To Action inside the post will be good in increasing the engagement of audience.
  • Announcing Promotions to Timeline will be good in getting more leads to the Website.
  • Pinning posts to the top of Timeline will be good in getting more clicks to them through new fans.
  • While editing the features or information on the Facebook care should be taken not to show up the edits made visible to the fans.
  • Using Facebook to create engaging Apps and getting contact information will be good in keeping up contacts with the fans

Utilising Share Feature on Facebook

  • It will be beneficial to attract more fans if fans those who have tagged or checked in are rewarded occasionally.
  • If posts made on Facebook are having links to Blogs chances are there to lead the visitors to the website and get conversions.
  • If there is any contest posted on Facebook for fans, asking them to share it among their friends will be good.
  • Adding a like box and share button on website or blog will also increase the number of shares.
  • Posting photos will compel people to share the post done on Facebook page more.