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How to do Search Engine Optimization for Website

Search Engines like Google Bing and Yahoo is changing their Search Engine Algorithms for improving the quality of search results. The purpose of doing Search Engine Optimization is to improve the quality of the website to make it search engine friendly to be listed on showing up in the Search Engine Results Page. Through search engine optimization the user experience can be improved on different types of devices. The following are some of the usual techniques adapted for doing the Search Engine Optimization of the Website.

Quality Content
Google Bing and other search engines promote fresh content which is having good quality. The relevance of the content depends upon its usefulness and upto what extend it is educational in nature. It is also known through various surveys that users also prefer quality content useful for reading. While publishing content one should also take care about mixing content in various forms such as images, videos and infographics.

Keyword Placement
Search Engines like Google and Bing give priorities to keywords in the web page. The number of times a keyword is appearing on a website in comparison with the total number of words on the web page is having priorities given by the search engine algorithms for showing up on the search engine results page. Having relevant keyword in the Title, Meta description and content of the web page is necessary for listing the web page in search results. The keyword density within a web page also need to be within the limits to make sure that no keyword stuffing is occurring.

Title and Meta Tags
Creating relevant title and meta tags are necessary from Search Engine Optimization Point of View. It is the title and meta description that is listing on search engine result page that makes the users click on the link. Proper usage of meta tags and title tags will have advantage for SEO. Commonly alphabets and numeric digits are used in title and meta description tags. Separators are used to keep the keywords ain groups in tile tags. It is also advised to keep the title and meta description tag unique for each page.

Keywords in Anchor Text
While hyperlinking care should be taken to include keywords inside the anchor text. This will make the website that is linking to be more relevant to the keyword in the anchor text. Search Engines like Google and Bing provides weightage for the use of anchor text on the web page.

Backlinks coming to the web page from other websites having high page rank will have considerable effect in Search Engine Optimization factors of the website. The trust factor from an authoritative website makes the content on the linking website more relevant to the keyword. sharing content over various social media platforms will also increase chances for more visits to the website.

Keywords in URL
Having keywords in the domain name and url is advantageous in the case of Search Engine Optimization. resolving www issues with domains is important as there might arise problems concerned with duplicate content. Age of the domain also plays an important factor in the case of SEO. It is good to purchase old domains without any spam issue for better Search Engine Optimization effects. Using sub directory or sub domains in the url is also beneficial for listing the website in Search Engine Results Page. usage of keywords in the domain will tell the user that the website is relevant to the search query being executed.

Having a clear navigation structure helps the end user to easily go to the relevant pages once the website is reached through search engine. The number of clicks to reach a web page also plays an important role in Search Engine Optimization. Sometimes it is also necessary to put no follow attribute for Search Engine Optimization factors.

Broken links and Sitemap
The website need to be checked for any broken links and ensured that 404 errors are not happening frequently. It is also necessary to create an xml sitemap and submit the same to Google for better indexing. Having an HTML sitemap will make the experience of the user more easy.