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FIFA 2018 World cup Fever

Who will be 2018 World Cup winner?

The FIFA World Cup Match Prediction is a free game, no funds involved in this context. The participant needs to predict the complete tournament for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Make your predictions with our interactive prediction tool. Like our Facebook page and download the Excel sheet.

How to play

Fill in your Email id, scores for the first round in the cells (coloured in grey). Email your completed excel sheet to

Points and Scoring 
For each match, points are awarded as:

Exact Score 4
Correct Result 2
1st Place in every group* 4
2nd Place in every group* 2
Goal Scorer – 1st place 15
Goal Scorer – 2nd place 13
Goal Scorer – 3rd place 10
Goal Scorer – 4th place 8
Goal Scorer – 5th place 6
Champion 20
Runner-up 10
3rd Place 6

** 1st/2nd Place in every group – The points shall be awarded for correctly projecting the 1st and 2nd position in each group at the end of the group stage.


Participants can check their overall ranking in the leaderboard at any time. The leaderboard will be updated after each match.

Disclaimer: No funds involved in this prediction context, its only designed for the spirit of the games to share the interest and spread unity through the games

Predictions cannot be changed once the form is submitted (no resubmissions).

Players can check their overall ranking in the leaderboard, as it shall be updated after each match of the 2018 FIFA World Cup