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August 29, 2016
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Difference between Branded and Non Branded Keywords in SEO

Keywords are those words that are typed by users in search engines like Google and Bing for finding out what they are looking for. The term Branded Keyword are used when there is a mention about brand in the keyword query during the search. If the name of the company is “Company Name” then the branded keyword that are typed on the search engine include the following

Company Name Information
Company Name Review
Company Name Careers
Company Name Address
Company Name Phone Number
Company Name Working Hours

Sometimes the customers hear the name of the brand offline through advertisements on Newspapers Classifieds or through Social Media. This results in the branded name related queries search.

As far as Search Engine Optimization is concerned, getting traffic through non branded search queries is important. But optimizing the branded keywords will create the first impression about the company through the latest additions from Knowledge Graph Search Results. this is done through Google Place Page Optimization which will show up Address, Phone Number and Working Hours in Search Results. Adding Reviews with Star Rating and providing information inside the Contact Us page and About Us page also will yield more pages to the search engine results page.

Non branded traffic coming to the website will be having many competitors and the rate of conversion will be much less compared to branded keywords. Keeping a balance between the branded and non branded queries can make the visits to the website increase over time.