YouTube Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

YouTube is one of the most powerful marketing tool because of the popularity. As the number of videos uploaded on YouTube are huge it is difficult to get noticed. the success of a video is measured by the ranking position on both Google and YouTube. The strategies that are used for search engine optimization on google is different from that on YouTube. The following are some of the tips about marketing videos on YouTube.

Length of the Video
In earlier days the number of views were important as far as YouTube videos are concerned. But nowadays the time a video is viewed the comments received, likes and dislikes received and the total number of shares obtained counts. as users can categorize the videos based on search and the intend of the search should be the determining factor for foreseeing the length of the video. for example for tutorial videos much lengthy videos are not preferred while for movies shorter videos are not preferred.

Naming the Video
As the theme of the video and the storyline can only be understood through the title of the video naming the video on YouTube is important. the information which is displayed on Google and other search engines also consider the title of the video important. Care should also be taken to include keywords in the title of the video without losing the catchy element.

Description of the Video
Creating a description about a video in lesser words and conveying all the factors effectively is also essential in marketing a video. It is also useful by giving proper website url where the users can find more information about the video. Addition of Keywords in the description is good as far as SEO factors are concerned. However repetition and use of synonyms excessively will lead to keyword stuffing related penalties.

Optimizing the YouTube Channel
While doing the design for the YouTube page all the elements should be filled for helping the viewers go to the connected social media websites and related websites. The banners should also be uniform across all devices to keep the channel viewing experience unique.