Why User Experience is Important for your Website

Internet Users who come to your website have high expectations about the content they are looking for. Most of the time they might be looking for a valuable experience and expect the website to be easy to navigate, aesthetically pleasing and emotionally satisfying. For retaining the existing customers and to gain news customers the user experience must be compelling in every way.

It is a well known fact that poor user experience can lead to reduced conversion rates, low retention of existing customers, increased redesign cost. A well designed web page with improved user experience will have low bounce rate and less chance of abandoning by users.

The three main advantage of improved user experience are as follows.

  • Customers like to purchase more from a website offering improved user experience.
  • Customers will do less business with the competitors if the user experience is better.
  • Customers will recommend your business if th user experience is compelling.

The three factors that are contribution to the user experience are Usefulness, Usability and Desirability. The major reason why users visit a website is to achieve a goal. Up to what extend a website is useful will be the primary criteria for a website user. The next thing a user will will value will be the usability which involves the minimum effort to do a task on the website. The third thing a user looking for will be the desirability which is the extend to which the user enjoy the browsing experience.

The first step in creating a great user experience will be to know about the real users. Most of the time assuming that the developers know about the users creates problem. Creating online persona matching the profile of the customer should be the first step in the user experience excel. The requirement of the stakeholders might be different from that of the customer and aligning both through asking and listening is required in good user experience creation.

While creating design the primary importance should be given to user experience. Ignoring about what the users search and come to your website is also important while designing the website. It is also essential to test the designs for improving the usability factors. How much reliable is the information on the website and how much secure is the data is also have significance in design parameters.