Why Students should read Newspaper Everyday

It is a well known fact that reading newspapers are essential for grown ups. But it is also equally important for students to read newspapers in order to get the most valuable information which can not be obtained from Social Media alone. The following are some of the advantages of reading newspapers as far as students are concerned.

One of the primary advantage for reading newspapers is because it gives all the vital news and events happening around the world. Modern newspapers are available on Mobile devices which also have options to share the news and interact through comments. Various categories of news are available from national level news to international level news along with news related to political and sports.

Reading newspapers help students to have vast knowledge about current affairs and events which is essential to expand their knowledge level. It also helps students to have confidence in knowing that they have basic knowledge about the recent happenings around the world. Along with General knowledge vocabulary and command over language is also improved by reading newspapers. Reading newspapers also improves pronunciation level to expert level.

As newspaper reading is a time consuming process it is also good to read the news through E papers which will be having precise and short news descriptions. These E Papers are also available with mobile phones and tablets. Students preparing for competitive exams also find newspapers useful for increasing information. As the cost of books that are required for preparing such competitive exams are very costly newspaper reading is much more cost effective.

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