Why is Classroom Reminders are good for Students

There are several advantages of keeping reminders in every day life. Same is the case with learning among students coming from various disciplines. The following are some of the advantages of keeping reminders which will become helpful for students.

1. Making the goals for each lesson clear and listing them in the notes sections will help students. This note taking can be done through lecture notes or emails.

2. Listing the events in a particular lesson before reading can give the student an idea about the chapter that will be learnt.


3. For the description of courses what is going to be accomplished can be noted as reminders which will help the tutor give emphasis as well as keep a record for the students to memorise.

4. Keeping daily goals weekly goals and monthly goals are useful in planning about studying and this is extremely helpful in the case of learning for exams.

5. Sending emails to the students and adding them as reminders help them remember important topics and sections.

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