Why Guest Blogging is not good for SEO

Guest blogging is an easy way to connect with other bloggers and offer other content to your blog readers. But as far as Search Engine Optimization is concerned Guest Blogging is not beneficial in the long run.

  1. Allowing Guest Bloggers to post on your blog will give away a backlink to their website and if the website linking to is of spammy nature then there are chances of Google penalizing the website.
  2. Posting blogs that are not relevant to the website can make the readers leave them. Posting different topics is also not good for the website as it may make them unfriendly to Google.
  3. Readers of the blog who wish to read content only from one author will feel it annoying when guest blogs are posted in it. This will turn the visitor away from the blog.
  4. Adding Guest blogs will increase the frequency of posts from the blog and people who are subscribing articles will feel it annoying. This will lead to people unsubscribe the blog posts.
  5. There might be copied content coming from the Guest bloggers and if one can not distinguish it from the original then copyright issues may be going to affect the blog.
  6. Some guest bloggers write articles just to get traffic to their website and for this they may ask the readers to go to the website to read the full article. This will not only decrease the  quality of the blog but also decrease the viewers.

If guest blogging is essential to be implemented it is necessary to check the quality of the content as well as the background of the guest blogger.