Why Context of Search is Important in Search Engine Optimization

Finding out the context of the search from the data related to keyword through various Analytics tool is advantageous in doing Search Engine Optimization. It is essential in SEO to use the language of the visitor for making the content to be related to the context of the search.

The use of keywords which helped in the user to reach at the site can be seen through analysis and this will open up the ideas for choosing the right keywords on the web page.

There are several factors that contribute to the intention of the search done for getting results.

  • The first factor affect the context is the environment from which the visitor is browsing the web page and the circumstances that lead to the search. By environment it is meant whether the user is searching from home or office or while traveling etc.
  • The device through which the search is being performed is also a factor contributing to the context for search as mobile and tablet devices are used on the go.
  • The need for urgency is another factor for majority of searches and this can also relate to the context of the search.
  • Duration of searches which can be seen from the statistical data of a web page throws light into whether the visitor want quick information or detailed information.
  • Use of Navigation links menus and links within content can be used as a gauge in measuring whether the visitor is new to the website or returning visitor.

There can also be generalised searches which can not be related to any particular context.

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