What to do for increasing mobile Ranking of your Website on Google

While browsing internet on mobiles some of us might be feeling difficult to navigate through the screen. As more and more people are browsing internet from mobile Google has recently changed its algorithm to make sure that proper websites having content accessible to be visible on Google search results page. These website found via the Google results will be easy to read also.

If a website is not loading properly on a mobile visitors usually close the window or go back to the previous page. And Google has confirmed that users who have abandoned such websites used to visit mobile friendly websites.

Google has earlier warned webmasters to create websites that are easy to read on different mobile devices and easy to navigate. Earlier this year there were badges coming up on search engine results page to show that the website will be mobile friendly. And last month a major update came from Google which gave emphasis to mobile friendly websites while people search on internet.

While there are many other signals Google value while taking into consideration of ranking results mobile friendliness has become the primary criteria for getting high rank for websites. It has also been said about mobile friendly websites that the bounce rates are much lower for such websites.

There is a tool provided by Google to check the mobile friendliness which can be used by webmasters for checking the ranking factors. Even if the website is not ranking high after redesign process to make it mobile friendly can increase the ranking on Google.

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