What is the need of Backup for Educational Institutions

There is huge amount of information associated with educational institutions worldwide. This can constitute academic information and administrative information which is precious for the academies. Along with this there might be information that is needed by the teachers and students of the institution.

Most of the schools nowadays need data on demand related to student records and professional content. Conventional backup methods are almost outdated and the security concerns for such backups are not sufficient. This is also inconvenient in educational institutions having multiple schools and campus at various locations with many departments. It is essential for such institutions to protect the data from disasters which contains information regarding records related to students and staff and examination related data.

There are several instances that can lead to loss of data. The hard drive of the computer can fail or the data may get corrupted due to several reasons including virus attacks. Other hazards like fire and stealing of data can also occur.  Backing up data into multiple computers is one of the methods most educational institutions employ. Some educational institutions create scheduled back up on their servers which are protected at different locations. Some backup services allows viewing of logs and restoration of data.

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