What Every Teacher Should Know About Teaching Languages

Schools around the globe are becoming more and more diverse as the number of foreign students whose primary language is different. For teaching languages the following tips might be adopted.

  1. Knowing Students
    Understanding students and their backgrounds helps in making the learning experience easy. The environments from which the students are coming from and the native language plays an important role in student’s life
  2. Social Needs
    How students are spending the time after school and how they mingle with each other is having importance in learning languages. Doing homework and combined learning activities should be made open for communication.
  3. Speaking Writing Reading Listening.
    Every student need to go through the four major parts in learning languages. The student should be helped to speak write read and listen in the language to be learned.
  4. Language Proficiency
    Social language proficiency and academic proficiency are different things. A student might be able to express things in language orally while his academic language learning skills might be low.
  5. Language Assessments
    The assessment of language learning varies across various schools. Checking whether the students are performing below or above the standards compared to other schools are also necessary while taking assessments.

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