What Every Designers should know about User Interface and User Experience

Even Though User Interface and User Experience are used in same context by many designers it is not exactly the same. It is true that both User Experience and User Interface are related to each other in many ways but there are several differences between these. To be a successful designer one must know about the difference between User Interface and User Experience.

User Interface is the elements that makes the interaction between humans and machines possible. Through an effective user interface it is easy to operate and control the machine by the user. The user interface consists of both hardware and software related things which are used for giving data as well as getting feedbacks.

The major factors that makes a successful user interface is by providing a easy, efficient and enjoyable way to operate the machine with minimum effort. There are different kind of user Interface and Graphical user Interface is one of the most important among all categories. There are What Every Designers should know about User Interface and User Experience web based user interfaces which can be operated either via the keyboard and mouse or through touch screens.

User Interface Design involves the creation of a uniform and enjoyable way to make the interaction between machine and humans possible. For this it is essential to observe the human behavior through the interactive elements on the screen. there are several tools available for the creation of User Interface but the actual creation required broad experience.

User Experience usually involves studying about the behavior attitude and emotions a user experience during the operation of a product. How effective is the practical aspects that facilitates the interaction between the user and the computer is defined by the user experience. It also explains the extent upto which the operation of the machine is easy for the user. User experience is depended on various persons and it is difficult to determine upto what extend the user interface is creating a unique experience.