Website Homepage Design Checklist

When the first time a user visits a web page the thing that will catch the eye are elements of design attractiveness and navigation. If the first impression they are going to get is bad then chances are that the visitors will go back to the search result or close the web page. There are many elements on the home page that can have impact on the customer and design is one of the first element which creates the first impression. There might be several reasons for putting up a website home page and like attracting visitors, educating visitors, converting the website browsers into customers etc.

Establishing the Identity
It is through the home page that the visitor comes to know about what the company is about and who are the key people in the organization and what are the main services and products of the company. While doing the design for home page it should be taken care that the website should be able to introduce the visitors to the details of the company and at the same time provide an idea about the brand. Creating a unique logo and design that are matching will have tremendous impact on the visitor.

Complexly designed website home page will make the visitors confused and this will lead them to abandon the web page. Multiple widgets and Multiple Call to Action usually will overwhelm the first time visitors. It is also be taken care of the factor associated with fonts and the fonts used in the website should be easy to read. Labelling different sections on the home page is also essential in creating a smooth flow to the eyes of the visitor.

Above the Fold
While doing the design of the home page another factor that should be taken care of is keeping relevant information above the fold. Without scrolling the web page the visitor should be able to see the major features of products or major services. The home page also need to be tested to make sure that the home page design loads the necessary parts above the fold in multiple browsers.

Use of Color
As far as possible keeping the color theme of the website aligned with the official logo is good. Using colors that are not matching with the overall theme of the website will have negative effect on users. While choosing colors it should be taken care of that the visual impact on users is emphasised with appropriate distribution of colors. Color contrast also should be checked for creating appealing designs.

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