Visual Design Principles for Web Designers

It has been found that brain interprets visual information which is useful in website design process. Each element in web design usually creates a sense of uniformity among diverse kind of elements and this eventually encourage a particular action. There are certain general principles applicable to web design for the creation of uniform designs. These four web design principles are given below.

Principle of Emergence
This principle defines the fact that people analyze web page as a whole before trying to analyze individual components. on the first sight of seeing an object the outline is evaluated first and this is compared with the visuals which has been seen before. After that a comparison will be created in the mind which is based upon the visual that has been viewed before. If there are no matches found in the analysis individual components are analyzed to reach at the conclusions. As far as web design is concerned people easily grasp subjects in the design elements to what have been seen before. If uniformity and familiarity can be given to the website layout then individual elements can be created with more creativity.  It has also been found that simpler designs are accepted more by audience than complex designs.

Principle of Reification
According to the principle of reification human minds fill in the gaps with information which has been stored in their memories. By this it is meant that displaying whole image is not necessary for understanding the message. By the principle of reification meaning of a symbol is conveyed even if there are missing elements in it. Due to this factor it is necessary to include all part of the image for the audience to know about the product. This can be extremely helpful in deciding about the use of whitespace in web design.

Principle of Multistability
The principle of multistability explains why people can see faces and vaces in optical illusion one at a time. It is quite difficult to understand how multistability can be used in website design. Multistability are often causing confusion that legibility in design while certain companies effectively utilize this in their logos. Such implementation of multistability can create sometimes a pleasurable experience in website design.

Principle of Invariance
According to the principle of invariance human minds can easily spot similarities and differences in design. This is useful in website design as invariance can make things stand out among similar things in the crowd. Color contrast are usually expressed to make such effects in website designs. If certain products want to be distinguished from the rest of products it is essential to use the principle of invariance in the design process.

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