Using Live Video Streaming as Part of Internet Marketing Promotion

Live videos are gaining acceptance worldwide as many social media platforms are allowing them as part of their facilities. The following are the major uses of using Live video Streaming as part of Internet Marketing Online.

Live Event Marketing
Streaming events that are hosted at a venue can give the non attending participants an opportunity to view it online. And the streaming of live video can be of any length as it is possible to divide the event into multiple sections. Sending reminders about the live event streaming is also good for getting more audience. It is also a good idea to host the details of different sessions with timings on the official website of the event.

Live Announcements Marketing
This kind of internet marketing is particularly helpful in the case of launching new products or starting anew venture. Inviting the people from a particular community will also be good in making it a big event online. It is also possible to appoint brand advocates to publish live event details over social media for maximum exposure. Building excitement to view it online should be started well in advance to make it a huge success

Live Interviews Marketing
Google twitter and Facebook allows various options to host interviews being telecasted online live. In this case also promotion of the live interview starts well before the announcement. attending a live interview in the form of hangouts can help audience interact with experts and make people more connected with the brand.

Live Video Blog Marketing
Video Blog marketing in the case of question and answers session is extremely useful for novice audiences. Scheduling a live video session weekly or monthly can create suspense among users as they can expect videos being live telecasted at a particular time of the week. People who can find it difficult to attend the session can watch it online in the case of live video streaming