Using Advanced Search Techniques in Google

Sometimes it is difficult to find out results through Google Search. Google offers advanced search for finding out complex search queries. The advance search can be done with respect to websites and images.

The following filters can be used for finding out information in Google Search for websites

  • Language of the Website
  • Website from a Region
  • Last Updated Date of the Webpage
  • Search within a Web Site or Domain
  • Finding out Where the search terms appear on the Web Page
  • Safe Search for excluding content
  • Search Results based on Reading Level Expertise
  • Searching particular types of Files.
The following filters can be used for finding images in Google Image Search
  • Size of the Image
  • Aspect Ratio of Images
  • Color in Images
  • Type of Images
  • Images from a particular Web Site or domain
  • Type of Image File
  • Safe Search for excluding explicit Images
  • Images based on Usage Rights
Including Punctuation marks and Symbols can also improve the search results.
Using + inside search box can give results of Google Plus Page and Blood Group Types
Using @ can show twitter and other social media handle in searches.
Using $ can give price of the product being searched
Using # can give trending topics on various Social Media Platforms