Use of Technology in Education

Benefits of Technology in Education
We have been using different kind of technology in every segment of our lives. There are several positive and negative factors for implementing technology in education sector. As majority of educational institutions embrace technology in education practical aspects suggests that the positive factors are more compared to the negative factors. Technology helps in creating a new perspective among teachers and students for adapting to new environments.

Role of Technology in Education

The two main roles of technology in education are as follows

  1. Making sure that the students are developing skills related to technology which will help them in learning effectively in day to day life.
  2. Making a realization among students and teachers that getting along with technology can make their work simpler.

Importance of Technology in Education
The following are the top ten things that are important of using technology in Education

  1. Technology will help students achieve their ambitions about career through various new approaches.
  2. By implementing technology in classroom diversified learning styles can be used for conveying ideas among students
  3. Collaborating with classmates through various methods using technology can increase their communication skill.
  4. Teachers can use technology to build up students to face the real challenges they will face in future.
  5. Technology will keep students engaged and this will stop the minds being idle.
  6. Classrooms will become more interactive as students will be more interested in discussing new technology.
  7. Students can get recent and live information about anything through the advances in technology.
  8. Real time feedback is also possible about students and teachers with new technologies like online learning assessment.
  9. Responsibility among students will increase and there will be more control of subjects what they learn.
  10. By gaining access to learning materials i digital format will help students update their knowledge effectively.