Usage of Mobile Phones by Small Business Owners

Usage of Mobile Phones by Small Business Owners in Percentage

A recent study conducted by the website Manta have found that 80% of the Small Business Owners in United States have used Mobile Phones in their Business. And 25% used these handheld devices once in an hour. and while they are not using mobile phone the small and medium business owners are stick to computers. About 12% of them are addicted to mobile and checked their mobiles for incoming messages and emails.

Most of the Small and Medium Business owners have used mobile phones to schedule appointments and communicating with customers.

Note taking applications were used by one by third of them. This is combined with creating things to do inside the list.

Usage of Social Media were also used by one third of the small business users

Expense management, Inventory Management and accounting were used less by them

The mobile phones were used by about one by fourth of them.

It has also been found that Small and Medium Business users were frequent users of  Mobile Apps.

Also majority of the business owners suggested they love to read mobile optimized content. Responsive website designs were preferred by them over mobile devices.

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