Translate Text from Images through Google Translate

Google has recently expanded the Translate App into more languages. With this app one can visually translate a printed text in almost seven languages. Opening the app and turning on the camera to scan the text will automatically translate the text. For this there is no need for internet connection.

Google translate now offers the following 27 languages.

  1. English
  2. French
  3. German
  4. Italian
  5. Portuguese
  6. Russian
  7. Spanish
  8. Bulgarian
  9. Catalan
  10. Croatian
  11. Czech
  12. Danish
  13. Dutch
  14. Filipino
  15. Finnish
  16. Hungarian
  17. Indonesian
  18. Lithuanian
  19. Norwegian
  20. Polish
  21. Romanian
  22. Slovak
  23. Swedish
  24. Turkish
  25. Ukrainian
  26. Hindi
  27. Thai

for the translation to work sometimes downloading a pack is necessary. If the text is to be translated to English the download size will be around 2 MB.

For helping the people living in areas with slow internet connection, Google Translate new App will be a blessing.

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