Transforming Higher Education with Digital Technologies

Higher Education Sector has been undergoing transformation by adapting the latest trends in Digital Technologies. There is an increasing number of Learning Management Systems and implementation of Educational ERP Solutions in Higher Education recently. But there are still some institutions following the traditional route in higher education. The expectations from the students and financial aspects in maintaining the traditional system people in higher education are preferring digital technologies. One of the case where this is happening is the offering of Online Degrees with cost less than the conventional courses.

External Image
Adoption of technologies by educational institutions has changed the external image of the institution in many ways. This is visible through interaction through Social Media, Recruitment process and offering of Online Courses. Students are increasingly becoming aware of online courses and most of them prefer educational institutions having digital presence in education.

Internal Activities
The activities that are undergoing inside the educational institutions will not be visible externally, but this is necessary to keep the administrative wing capable of competing with other institutions. Automation of existing administration activities inside the higher education institution will make the process inside easy to handle. This will also make the integration of various departments into a centralised system.

Change in Learning
There are several institutions offering online education while other provide blended learning style. In both of these learning styles it is necessary to have digital technologies to back up the learning management system. Adoption of various tools integrating into the learning management system will also improve the quality of research based programmes.