Most Popular Web Design Trends

With the period of time every new thing will become old and so is the new trends in web design industry. Whenever there is a web design trend going out of date a new trend will follow it. The following are some of the most common trends found on different websites across the globe.

Line Icons

The first implementation of line icons was followed by Apple for achieving simple minimalistic designs. The aesthetics are not lost with these kind of designs which emphasize the visual cues. The line weight consistency is used in most of the designs following line icons. In some cases thick lines are used for overall shapes while thin line shapes are used for details. Most web designers provide editable strokes designs which the customer can change accordingly.

Material Design
Material design was first put forward by Google which involved classic principles of good design combined with the new trends and usage of new technologies.
Providing unique experience across all platforms including mobile and desktop is the primary principle for this kind of design. Creating visual effects like motion shadows and 3 dimensional capabilities gave material design its uniqueness in web design.

Interactive Infographics
The trends that is dominating in the graphics vertical is the visualization of elements through interactivity. It is true that most people love infographics but as there are thousands of infographics produced every day adding interactivity to the infographics is catching the trend. As it is possible to to create interactive and animated infographics with HTML5 and CSS3 the future of infographics belong to interactivity.

Full Screen Videos
One of the limitation with flash designs was the time taken to load and browser compatibility issues. This was overcome with the latest technologies in web design which made it possible to embed full screen videos in the website. With the videos playing in the background the attention of the visitor is kept on the screen for longer times. It also creates some kind of dynamism which is unique in the case of full screen videos. These kind of full screen videos are used mainly for video tours and product demos.

The above design trends have become part of brand identity and the unique look and feel of the website.

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