Top Ten Tips for Optimizing Landing Pages for Lead Generation and Conversion

It has been found through various surveys that a professionally designed website can increase conversion rates. The trust factor and credible language increases the number of leads being generated through online sales. The design of Landing page not only plays an important factor in SEO but also in PPC too. The following costs will increase the quality score in PPC campaign and reduce the CPC for the ads. For some of the e commerce sites landing pages and conversion through it will not be possible but for individual products it will be good for generating leads.

1. Call To Action Buttons

Adding a call to action button that will be easy to notice will definitely increase conversion rates. Drawing people’s attention to click on the button will automatically force people to sign up forms. Instead of assuming what people might do stating what to do on the website will also increase lead generation.

2. Minimizing Navigation

It is advised to remove all the elements that might distract people from concentrating on the content for increased conversion rate. Having the company logo on the top left corner of the website with link pointing to the home page will be sufficient instead of the top menu and footer links.

3. Above the Fold

Sometimes people will click the back button if they are not finding the information on the website without scrolling to the bottom. For this purpose the necessary information needed should be always above the fold of the landing page. Checking the web page with Google Analytics Page Analytics options click rate finding will be good in determining what content is shown on the top portion of the website.

4. Scannable Copy

Usage of technical jargon and industry related terms will be becoming a hindrance in scanning the content of the web page by the user. Breaking the single large paragraph into multiple small paragraph will also be good in obtaining more leads generated from the page. Using bulleted list on the form of advantage and benefits on the landing page will increase the conversion rate.

5. Fewer Images

Adding too many images on the landing pages can reduce the trust factor which will eventually lead to low conversion rate. The loading time of the web page also increase and make the website slower on mobile devices. For faster loading minimal usage of images is good for generating more leads.

6. Fast Loading

If a web page is taking too long to load it will affect the quality score in Google Adwords. Flash animations and bigger images can make the web page bulkier which in turn will make the loading slow.

7. Dynamic Headlines

Using dynamic headlines in the landing page is another way of getting more leads. By properly tracking the urls relevant keywords will be inserted into the content depending upon the search. This will make the Page Heading more targeted and more conversion rte can be expected.

8. Keywords in the Copy

As in the case of SEO, the insertion of keywords inside the web copy is necessary for PPC Landing Pages also. Adding more keywords inside the web page will increase the quality score of the page. When a user is entering into a web page after searching for a keyword and finds the same word in the web page it is more likely to lead in submitting the form.

9. Small Contact Form

If the contact form is lengthy to be filled in there are chances of users bouncing back to the previous page. As the length of the form become more there are chances of the call to action button below the fold. Asking for necessary information to be contacted might be necessary for generating more leads.

10. De Clutter

By providing one clear goal and removing the unnecessary content from the landing page will be sufficient for getting better conversion rates. Stuffing too much keywords and paragraph inside the landing page reduces the chance of lead generation