Top Ten Benefits and Advantages of Distance Learning

Distance learning otherwise known as online learning is one of the most suitable option for people belonging to different age groups. There are several advantages of distance learning over conventional learning methods. The top ten benefits of distance learning are described below.

  1. Choice of Course
    Distance education provides several opportunities for studying subjects that are unavailable in certain areas.
  2. Flexibility
    Instead of sticking to a regular learning schedule people who attend the distance courses can work whenever they have free time.
  3. Networking
    As most distance learning programs offers opportunities with interacting with individuals coming from different background the possibility of networking for professional gains are possible.
  4. Pace of Learning
    The speed at which the course can be completed can be made of slow or fast mode for distance learning programs. Submission of assignments and attending tests are also not strict in the case of distance learning.
  5. Open Schedule
    Distance learning have more open scheduling facilities which makes even working professionals to take classes whenever they need. In the case of conventional learning students need to be inside the classroom during the prescribed working hours.
  6. Financial Feasibility
    Distance education courses cost less that conventional courses inside the class rooms. Less resources are required for attending the classes and the money can be saved for other purposes.
  7. Travel
    In the case of distance education less travel is needed for attending the class. And considerable amount of money can be saved from traveling expenses.
  8. Range of Experts
    Distance education offers students exposure to experts from the field. This is not possible in the case of traditional learning methods.
  9. Continuous Sitting
    Sitting continuously for longer hours will reduce the learning power and distance education have greater flexibility in choosing the learning hours.
  10. Effectiveness
    The effectiveness of distance learning is far more better than traditional learning and the knowledge attained through such programs are having better results.