Top SEO Predictions for 2017

Search Engines like Google and Bing change the algorithms frequently. Predicting about the future trends related to SEO is very difficult. The following are some of the predictions and tips for getting higher results through SEO.

Content Will be The King
Adding more content that is relevant to the audience will be the prime focus in the coming years also. Instead of keyword density more focus has been given to content by search engines like Google and Bing. So it is necessary to give proper importance to content than focusing on keywords.

Mobile Friendliness
With the latest update from Google regarding Mobile friendliness websites having mobile friendly responsive designs will dominate in search results through mobile searches. The number of searches performed in mobile is more than that is performed on desktops and responsive web design will make web pages more easy to read on  mobile devices. Local searches also increased through mobile devices and if you are not giving proper importance to mobile centric design you will b loosing customers.

User Intend
As Google show more Knowledge graph based results user intent has become more important in searches. Instead of focusing on keywords the conversational search has become more popular in search engine optimization industry. When the content becomes more conversational the chances of those web pages showing up in search results pages are also more.

Brand Mentions
When more brand mentions are added in content in offline SEO more keywords will be associated with the brand. This will eventually show up inn search engine visit history. Content that is focused on brands will dominate search engine results pages in 2015 through next year.

High Quality Media
Adding more high quality Media in the form of images and videos will be good in getting more organic searches through image search and video search. Adding more visual elements will also increase the credibility of the website. Video marketing through YouTube will also make the search engine results pages showing more video results.

Social Engagement
When more engaging content is being placed on social media platforms like Facebook Google Plus and Twitter more traffic will be coming into the website. This will eventually increase google Plus and Twitter results in Search engine Results Page. High quality content shared on Social Media websites will catch the attention of the visitors and more visits can be expected.

Online Security
For those website using online payment security systems adding https security certificates will increase the credibility to search engines. Visitors will be getting the trust factor and websites with https will be shown in the first page itself for relevant search queries. Google has already begun using https as a ranking factor in search engine algorithms.


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