Top Reasons why Students Dropout of High School

Many schools face the problem of students dropping out of the institution and it is found that the decision is not taken overnight. There are several factors that contribute to students dropping out of school. The following are the main reasons for students leaving school.

  • Lack of Engagement from Parents
  • Poor Performance at Academic Level
  • Economic Needs
  • Lack of Support from Teachers
  • Lack of Individual Attention
  • Low Involvement in Studies

Engagement by parents is one of the primary reasons for students dropping out of school. Financial as well as emotional support from parents is crucial in the success of the students at academic level. Parents who hold high aspirations help students to get motivated for staying at school.

Performance at the academic level are also important for the success of students at the school. Grades obtained at early stages of education is an indicator for the academic performance because the ability to read and grasp subjects is learned at early stages. Helping students to read and know subject at early stages of education and improve rankings helps in improving the performance of the student.