Top Online Retail Marketing Trends to watch for in 2016

It has been found that those retailers who offer a richer personal shopping experience online will get more sales in 2015. The changing shopping habits that is followed all over the world shows much increase in purchase through online websites. the number of people who shop through mobile devices also will be increased in this year. The major trends that will affect the online marketing sales are as follows.
Content Driven Shopping Experience
In this year more online retail shopping websites will offer web pages rich in content. With the use of multimedia shopping experience will be more engaging. The decisions for purchasing products vary across products and people want to have more detailed information and demo regarding the products.
Social Media Influence
The power of social media to influence will dominate in 2015. Real time insights as well as content curation will drive more people towards products. Showcasing of products on the website will be according to the latest trends in social media platforms.Multi Device Shopping
People browse the same websites through various devices during the purchasing process. The browsing on Mobile laptop and Desktop need to be uniform and this will make the user experience more engaging.Precise Targeting 
The method of targeting consumers based on their locations in a real time fashion with relevant ads will be dominating in 2015 too. More trials and targeting precisely among consumers in the form of timely ads will also can be seen in this year.

Mass Communication
Consumers of 2015 look for products that can be personalised according to their tastes. This can be seen in every sector like customization of color and other factors that can be changed easily. Producing same type of products and marketing them will be difficult in future also.

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