Top Methods of Using QR Codes for Marketing

QR Codes or Quick Response Codes are popular mobile friendly codes used for marketing purposes. One of the advantage of QR code is that one can scan the code instead of typing a lot of characters. QR Codes can be used for giving links to web pages, links to Apps and Texts.

Even though QR Codes are having several advantages there are certain things to be taken care of. The QR Code should lead to a mobile friendly website. Otherwise people will turn back and may not visit the website again. Placing QR Codes on Billboards is not favorable as most people will be traveling which makes it inconvenient to scan the code. Placing QR Codes in areas where there is poor signal will lead to people not being able to see the web page.

The following things needs to be checked for making the QR Code Campaign Successful
The web page which is reaching after scanning the QR Code should be useful to the user.
The QR Codes should be placed in locations where scanning is easy.
The QR Codes should be clear enough to scan using various mobile phones.
The QR Codes should be compatible with Android and iPhone users.
Using QR Codes at Conferences can make it easy for people to scan the code rather taking Business Card
QR Codes can be placed on Local Business Places for easy scanning to get details about Working Hours and other details on website.
Giving Compliments in the form of Gifts with QR Codes are an easy way to promote business.