Google Ads PPC – New Features

Google Ads platform is changing with the introduction of new features to improve the performance. Google recently announced to all advertisers that they need to start using Upgraded URLs in place of destination URLs. With this destination url will become upgraded url. With features like this Google Ads makes it possible to process and track user data easily. Implementing latest features will help in achieving better results and more benefits towards the growth of business.
Multiple Device Tracking
It is common to ignore the leads getting from mobile devices because conversion rates are lower. But the same customers may click on the ads while on desktops. So tracking the same signed in users across multiple devices might be tracked using Google Adwords in future.
Google Shopping Ads
The impact of specific product search on Google Shopping and the revenue generated through it is contributing a significant percent to ecommerce websites. More features related to product listing can be seen in Google Ads for products in 2015.
Micro Conversions and Macro Conversions
Google might introduce primary and secondary goals to better track micro and macro conversions this year. This might include adding an items to the wish list. This data can be used in giving more customised products through ecommerce websites.

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