Google Ads PPC – New Features

Google Ads platform is changing with the introduction of new features to improve the performance. Implementing latest features will help in achieving better results and more benefits towards the growth of business.

Drive better results with Search campaigns

By using Google AI, we can create enhanced Search campaigns. We can get inputs from Google Ads to easily generate effective keywords, headlines, descriptions, images, and other assets.
Deliver new ads experiences with generative AI
Generative AI, will make Google Search smarter and simpler. New formats that use generative AI to create relevant, high-quality ads can be customized to improve campaign results.
Automatically created assets
In Search and Performance Max campaigns, we can generate new headlines and descriptions that better match user search queries. This can improve your ad relevance and keep your assets fresh–all while staying true to your brand.
Improved Smart Bidding
Smart Bidding will optimize more intelligently for search queries it’s never seen before to help deliver better performance. These improvements will help in more valuable search interactions and better results.
Multiple Device Tracking
It is common to ignore the leads getting from mobile devices because conversion rates are lower. But the same customers may click on the ads while on desktops. So tracking the same signed in users across multiple devices might be tracked using Google Adwords in future.
Google Shopping Ads
The impact of specific product search on Google Shopping and the revenue generated through it is contributing a significant percent to ecommerce websites. More features related to product listing can be seen in Google Ads for products in 2015.
Micro Conversions and Macro Conversions
Google might introduce primary and secondary goals to better track micro and macro conversions this year. This might include adding an items to the wish list. This data can be used in giving more customised products through ecommerce websites.

Changes to audience targeting

Google Ads will no longer support similar audiences and will no longer be able to add similar segments to any new or existing ad groups or campaigns. In place of similar segments, different campaign types will offer different solutions to target the right audience, and achieve campaign objectives.

To stay up to date with the latest developments, it’s recommended to follow official Google Ads announcements and consult Google’s official resources and documentation.