Top Five Tips on Crawling and Indexing in SEO

Crawling of websites by search engine bots are important for making the web pages on the site being indexed by Search Engines. There are several factors that contribute to the easy crawling of a website. Depending upon the importance of articles search engines crawl and index pages in its database for specific period of time. This process is very important part for successful search engine optimization. The following are some of the tips for increasing crawling and indexing of the website.

  1. Regular Content Updation
    One of the most important criteria for search engines to index a web page is the content. Websites having content being updated regularly will be crawled more frequently than those having static content. One of the many ways to have fresh content on the website is by implementing a blog on it.
  2. Sitemap Creation
    Creating XML sitemap helps search engines to crawl the web pages depending upon the priority. Some of the content management system provides facilities for updating sitemap as soon as new content is being published. It is also essential for websites to submit the sitemap to Google Search Console for easy crawling.
  3. Duplicate Content
    If the website is having duplicate content then there will be difficulties in getting the web pages being indexed easily. If there are multiple web pages with same content search engines will take the web page that is more relevant to the query. Removing web pages having duplicate can increase the chances of crawlability and indexability.
  4. Loading Time
    If the loading time for web pages are pretty high then crawling of the website will take more time. In such cases the search bots crawling a website will become slower. This also affects the latest pages being indexed.
  5. Blocking Pages
    It is not necessary that search engines index all the web pages in a website. Admin pages and website folders should not be allowed to crawl by the search engine bots. Adding Robts Text is an easy way to do so. It is also advisable to add no follow no index tags to the web pages in the head section for preventing crawling and indexing.