Top Five Social Media Trends

The popularity of Social Media Websites will be dominating in the year 2017 too. The impact of Social Media on our lives are so great that it affects the way we work play and socialize in the virtual world. The following are some of the trends in social media

  1. Live Streaming
    The technologies that helped us to upload videos through mobile devices will giving way to live streaming features introduced by Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in the year 2017. The trend of sharing updates through live streaming videos can help business utilizing live events. Live Streaming also helps in building more credibility and trust among the viewers.
  2. Chatbot
    These are artificial intelligence enabled agents helping to communicate through conversations without the presence of humans. Facebook Messenger has recently introduced a chat bot feature which business utilize for various purposes. Chat bots usually help in automating the tasks earlier handled by humans. One of the advantage of chat bots is its availability round the clock without humans intervening in between.
  3. Expiring Content
    Business concerns usually tries various methods to attract customers by giving offers. Expiring content keeps the posts with offers being posted on social media platforms without cluttering and creating noise.  This also helps in getting attention in short period of time.  The expiring content also creates a feeling of urgency to be read among the viewers. Snap Chat and Instagram are trying these features on their platform which will be on rise in 2017.
  4. Consolidation
    As the industries evolve various companies acquire other promising concerns during the course of time. Facebook recently bought Whatsapp and Instagram and Microsoft acquired LinkedIn. As more and more business acquire social media platforms the rules in the social media landscape will also change. Social networking websites struggling in their market will be getting acquired in the year 2017 too.
  5. Organic and Paid Traffic
    In the beginning years it was not hard to keep on top of Social Search if a business have significant likes and considerable followers on Twitter.  People who likes certain Facebook pages are not really following their updates and many users utilize lists on twitter to get updates from important handles. Paid advertising on Social Media platforms has also risen and it is considered as one of the important marketing channel.