Top Five SEO Tips for achieving high ranking for Videos on Google

Video is one of the most powerful content that can increase the engagement factor of website high and help seo. The following are some of the tips that helps videos achieve higher positions in search engine ranking.

1. Solving Problems
The primary criteria for publishing video should be about solving a problem the user find difficult or providing vital information. As there are plenty of resources available on internet getting content for videos are not much difficult.

2. Easy Viewing
It will be good if all the videos are listed on a single page and it is easier for people to sort it out based on categories and play in a separate window. Options for sharing videos should also be enabled on the video link. Based on tags provided for the videos people can easily find the required video from the gallery. A separate landing page for the individual video provides ample opportunities for seo.

3. Interactivity for Videos
With advanced features of HTML5 and CSS3 several kind of interactivity can be added to videos which makes more engagement through videos. Such videos are also shared to many people through social media platforms. Online quiz and surveys also can be done with the help of videos by making videos into many parts.

4. Metadata
Using metadata for video is also a common practice which needs to be followed for getting indexed by search engine giants like Google and Bing. It is also essential to have Facebook Open Graph and Twitter cards friendly markup inside the video web page to be able to display correctly on social media platforms.

5. Hosting Video on Own Domain
One of the most important thing most SEO professionals forget is hosting videos on the website itself instead of embedding on YouTube and other channels. Videos hosted on the website itself generate views and visits to the website instead of diverting the views to YouTube similar videos.

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