Top Trends in education


Preparing students for the new era and getting updated with latest technologies is forecasted in major trends in Education.

What are the major trends in education? Let’s have a look:

Technological advancements in teaching and learning
With the rise of learning management systems(LMS), Learning Management Software, and LMS tools, rural education has improved greatly. Learning Management Systems are of great help to teachers to keep track of students’ progress. These days, there are a variety of Learning Management Systems and LMS tools available for teachers to select from.

Web Based Tools
The online tools that are web based saves a lot of time and effort in day to day activities. These include mostly sharing and collaborating applications. Some others include organization and planning tools are also helpful in education.

Online Educational Resources
There are many online educational resources which give personal learning experience. Most of them include video lectures, tutorials as text and many of them are interactive also.

Digital Literacy
The knowledge and skills required to use digital devices like smart phones, tablets and desktops are called digital literacy. Earlier digital literacy was focused more on desktop devices but nowadays it has come to various other devices also.

Personal Learning Networks
Personal learning networks are often informal network where people interact with each other in a more constructive way. The mutually benefiting personal learning networks increases the knowledge of the person to a great extend.

Blended learning on the rise
This is a formal education method through which students learn in parts which can be controlled with various factors like time of learning, speed of learning and place of learning.

Blended learning or hybrid learning program is a combination of classroom learning and online learning methods. It incorporates the use of learning management systems with traditional teaching methods. With its growing popularity, blended learning is expected to be more prevalent in the future.

Incorporation of soft skills training
A remarkable trend in the education system over the last two years has been the shift from traditional book teaching to skill-based learning. The focus of skill-based learning is on increasing aptitude and problem-solving skills rather than relying on theories, facts, and figures.

It has been a great step to help students build confidence and acquire the necessary skills for their future careers.

Social Media in Education
Apart from making and keeping friendship social media can be used in various ways to educate and learn people. In future the learning through social media will increase and as youth are in social media it is easy to convey messages to them easily.

Learning as a lifelong process
It is imperative that professionals upgrade their skills to stay competitive in today’s job market. Careerists and students often found it essential to learn new skills and technologies so that they can be ahead of their peers. The popularity of online learning has enabled professionals to enroll in the best courses for their careers that help them climb the ladder.

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