Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2016

Digital Marketing is going to be highly complex  in the year 2015. Every year different kind of gadgets are being invented to connect with internet. People who adopt to new technologies get advantage of them and it is the same case with digital marketing also.  The following are the top three trends that will shape the future of digital marketing in the year 2016

Video Advertising
Advertising videos through YouTube is not a new thing and there are millions of ads running on Bing and Facebook. In the coming years Google will also be providing video based advertising in Search Engine Results Page. With auto play features on Facebook and Twitter are gaining more views for videos and the introduction of Video ads will be contributing to the increasing popularity over web.

App Indexing
The ranking factors for indexing the Apps are much more complex than web pages. In the coming years more and more business organizations will be launching Mobile Apps which will be added to the existing apps database. Apps can have more functionalities that websites and people find it more convenient than other mediums. More and more apps will be replacing websites in general and the coming years will so positive trends for Apps.

Mobile Websites
The coming year will se more people buying mobile phones and the focus getting shifted to mobile friendly websites. In many countries mobile search has surpassed desktop searches. Use voice for searching also has increased which will be giving more importance to responsive websites. Either a mobile only website or a website that can be viewed both on desktop and mobile will be dominating in the coming years.

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