Top Advantages of Advertising on Mobile through Location Video and Apps

In the last few years the money that is spent for advertising on mobile devices has been increased tremendously. There are several advantages of mobile marketing over traditional advertising methods. The following are some of the advantages of using mobile for advertising methods.

Present Everywhere
Most of the people using mobile phones keep their devices near themselves during most of the time in a day. Currently majority of population have mobile phones and browse media through them. Due to these reasons customers can be reached almost instantly. As customers can be interrupted during their usage, marketers can utilize at what time customers feel free to be interrupted.

Minimizing Errors in Targeting 
There might be several errors in targeting customers through mobile medium. This includes clearing cookies, changing IPs, changing locations etc. By properly tracking the IDs allocated to mobiles better targeting can be obtained. This will be helpful in finding out whether the user has been contacted earlier. Getting information about the Wifi networks and Internet Service provider information will also be useful in targeting customers.

Timely Ads at Apt Locations
As most of the users are always online it will be helpful in finding out at what time they use the specific Apps and where they will be located at a particular time. Finding out the time taken to reply to an Advertisement or SMS is also crucial in the case of Mobile Advertising. Generating QR Codes and using them through mobile devices can also be used in case a user is at a specific location.

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