Top 5 White Hat SEO Tactics and Strategies

With the year 2016 just a few days away most SEO are sharpening their strategies to obtain more visits to their websites through various search engine optimization tactics. The following are some of the Search Engine Optimization strategies that are important for the new year.

1. Optimizing the Website Pagewise
Most of the people starting their SEO career puts all keywords on all pages to rank on search engines. Instead of this if a single page is optimized for s single keyword it will be more beneficial for the website. Focusing the main keyword to the homepage and subpages to long tail queries are good for attaining more ranked pages.

2. Including Good Keywords The density of the keyword will not be important as far as Organic SEO is concerned. But it is essential to have the keyword in the heading tags used on the webpage. Ranking te webpage without keywords in the content will lower the ranking in long term. Inserting the Keywords on Title Meta Description and Content for ranking the web pages in search engine results page.

3. Sitemap Inclusion
Sitemaps of the website guides the search engines to crawl the pages that are important to the website. Through sitemap all the visible pages need to be crawled and this helps the search engines to calculate which pages need to be indexed. Whenever there is an addition in web page it is necessary to update the sitemap. XML sitemap is more important that HTML sitemaps as far as Search engines are concerned.

4. Inclusion of Schema Tags
Schema tags or structured mark up are essential to tell the search engines the importance of sections of the web page. This also helps the search engines to show rich snippets on the web page. Integrating Schema mark up not only helps search engines but also helps in determining what all elements of the web page should be shown on the mobile version of the web page.

5. Image and Video Optimization
If there are large media files on the web page it will make the website slower and this leads to lower pagespeed. people used to abandon web pages that are slower and it is essential to make the web page load faster to view. As the speed for browsing on mobile devices are slower it is essential to keep the page load time within the limits to reduce the bounce rate of the webpage.

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