Top 5 Tips for Improving Conversion Rate Optimization

If the number of visits coming to the landing page is high and the rate of conversion is pretty low then it is time to do a detailed study about conversion rate optimization. The following are some of the tips for increasing the Conversion rate Optimization.

1. Analyzing Competitor’s Strategy
One of the reason why your competitors are gaining multiple conversions are because of their strategies tested several times. Tracking your competitor’s landing page properly by taking the screenshots is a good way of getting know how they are changing various elements on the web page. It is also good to try things your competitor website is doing which have not been tried by you. care should also be taken about not copying all strategies your competitor are doing.

2. Multiple Step Forms
Instead of reducing the number of form fields in the landing page it will be good to implement a multiple step form filling process. It has been found through various studies that if the form is divided into multiple steps people will try to finish filling it instead of leaving it. Asking for the Choice of product category first, then filling forms through each stage will seem easy for the user if multiple step forms are adopted.

3. Matching Call To Action
When people enter your website after searching for a particular keyword they expect to see that keyword in the web page. Matching the Call To Action with the user intend is a good way of compelling the user click on the submit button. Doing analysis of the keywords that are making the users to come to the site can be a turning point in finding out the decision taking factor to buy the product or avail services.

4. Feeling for Urgency
Most of the buyers would like to postpone a decision to buy a product or avail a service if there is no urgency. This tendency can be overcome by making a feeling to do something urgent fore the product sells out or the service for the season is sold out. proper control of various elements on the website like countdown timer and sold out counter are used by some of the marketers to create a feel of urgency.

5. Building Trust Gradually
people are concerned about their privacy and they do not like the information which is filled on the web page form to be used anywhere else. Guaranteeing about this one through a Privacy Policy will be good in building the trust. Adding banners which will clear out the concerns about spamming can help people trust the web page more and contact the business fastly.

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