Tips on How to Make E Learning Interactive

An E learning course can be said interactive if the learners and the tools used for e learning are engaged in a positive way. The level of interactivity is an essential element in any e learning course. There are many types of interactivity methods like multiple choice questions, learning tests, virtual simulations and animation videos which will give learners a deeper understanding of the subject. Depending upon the level of interactivity an e learning course can be classified as four.

 E Learning Interactivity Levels

  • Passive Interactivity Level – There will not be any interaction in this type of e learning. In this type of learning learners do not interact with resources like images and graphics or videos and audio.
  • Limited Interactivity Level – There will be limited interaction in this type of e learning. Learners are having some level of interactivity in this type of learning. Menu that can be clicked and drag and drop interactions including animation type videos will be present in such kind of learning.
  • Moderate Interactivity Level – There will be moderate level of interaction in this type of learning. Customized Audio and Video along with stories and real time case studies will be included in such kind of learning.
  • Full Interactivity level – The learners will be fully immersed in the e learning program. Interactive games, customized videos and audio and avatars will be present such kind of learning.

The real goal of any E learning course will be to engage the learners to get results. Developing high quality e learning is not enough to create interactivity. Engaging and motivating the audience by increasing the attention is kept in mind while designing e learning courses.

The features of some e learning materials gives the opportunity to replicate real world scenarios to make the learners participate and interact during the course. Through experimenting learners can test to know what will succeed and what will fail during real life situations. These course which doesn’t involve risks and is not judged by any other is helpful for people to face the real time challenges. For example when the learners are asked to answer questions they will stop for thinking in their own way to understand subjects better. The results of such tests will depend upon the feedback and knowledge level attained through learning.

When the learners have more control over the course which is interactive there will be much engagement for them throughout the course. Interactive learning increases creativity as well as curiosity among learners. Multimedia experience and interactivity based on that creates a compelling course content. This kind of learning also increases the retention of information into memory. As incorporation of multimedia experience into learners increase the fun level better motivation is possible.

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