Three most important Email Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

The number of marketing emails being opened are getting lower for most of the companies. Due to this blog subscription is being utilized for the purpose of sending marketing emails to persons. It is true that Emails gets more conversion than Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. For getting more exposure it is essential to have the emails sent by you being opened by people. The more people will open the email the more will be the chances of conversions. Following are some of the strategies that can be adopted to make email marketing successful.

Longer Subject LinesIt has been found through several studies that the Emails having Subject line greater than 60 characters had more open rates than with lesser number of characters. It is a common misbelief that shorter subject lines have more Email Open Rates. Having the dotted lines at the end of the subject line creates a suspense in the mind of readers which makes them click on the Emails.

Create Interest
Generating curiosity inside the mind of the readers makes the Email Open Rate more. Instead of mentioning about how a result is achieved through an email the suspense is created through subject line among the readers. Using catchy phrases can create interest in the readers to know more and click on the email to be opened. It should also be noted that the curiosity generated through the subject line should increase while reading the Email.

Using Lower case
Most of the organizations use capital case for the first alphabet of every email they sent due to habit. However people use lower case while writing personal emails and people open emails having subject lines in lower case more due to trust factor. It is also possible to keep the subject line separete from the rest of the competitors and chances of opening the Email becomes more.