Three most Essential Factors of Converting Leads through Websites

Most of the visitors coming to a website are not ready to make a purchase or avail a service. In the process of buying they are actually looking for offers and information regarding products. It will be good to get the information of the majority of people coming to the website in search of information into future conversions. This process of obtaining information about people who are looking to purchase products are called pre transaction orders. For getting the contact information about these type of visitors the following things should be considered.

Call to Action
The first step in any conversion process is the Call To Action button that makes the visitor to Click. The Call To Action button commonly known as CTA should be easy to find and catchy to the eye. What will be the result of clicking the button should be written over it. Whether the outcome is applying submitting or downloading should be written over the top of the button to avoid confusion among the visitors.

Landing Page
The web page visitors are expected to come in order to read about products and make decision to purchase or avail an offer is called the Landing page. The title sub title description and image on the landing page should be clear and visible and should convey the information in an  impressive way in order to get more conversions. The content in the landing page should be compelling enough to make the visitors contact you through the form provided on the landing page.

Contact Form
The Signing Up form or Contact Form is the most important element of the conversion page. This is the upper portion of the conversion funnel one can seen as the starting point of the conversion process. During the contact form sending step it is essential to collect as many information as possible from the visitor. The more information you will have about the visitor the more will be the benefit which you can utilize.