Three Important Social Media Trends

If the number of social media websites available on internet was less it would have been easy for digital marketers to promote goods and services. Also the audience that use social media have diverse choice and are scattered across several social media platforms. Majority of brands find it difficult to be updated with the latest trends among social media.

The following are some of the major trends:

Social Media Commerce
Social Media Platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram has added several features for doing e-commerce through their platforms. Through signing up using social media platforms also it is easy to make purchase of goods and avail services. Facebook gives the option to run Offers on its platform for claiming discounts and offers. The Buy button has also available for Twitter which is more easy for companies selling individual products.

Social Media Advertising
Advertising through social media will increase as more and more people are signing up into them. Advertising which is integrated into social media platforms will be on rise in the coming year. Advertising through Apps will have more advantage over conventional ads. More relevant advertisement can be shown through social media based on the content being posted on them.

Mobile Revolution
The buzz word in promotion of social media is push notification and in app product recommendations. majority of Social Media platforms are improving their user experience. Facebook has even launched an App exclusively meant for slow connections. Geo targeting customers is also possible through Mobile Phones and this opportunity has been utilized by social media platforms as well.