The Role and Importance of Alumni in Education

An Alumni association is a community formed by former students of a university or college. Alumni association sometimes organize events inside or outside campus, publish newsletters periodically, publish magazines and sometimes raise fund for an organization. Alumni associations help students to connect with the educational institution.

There are a variety of the services offered by Alumni Association outside Campus. Sometimes career development programs which include the sharing of experience old students have in the institutions are done. This also includes mentoring programs for existing students. Some alumni helps students by providing internship and externship opportunities as well as job placement programs.  General social networking events in social media like Facebook and LinkedIn are also organized by aluminis.

Homecoming events are organized for alumni people by existing students to gain exposure to various things. Training sessions as well as orientation programs are conducted inside the campus with the help of alumni during academic  year.

The advantages of having Alumni are as follows:

  • Mostly Alumni people are an educational institution’s most loyal supporters.
  • Fund raising events are often conducted at educational institutes with the help of alumni and their professional networks.
  • An educational institution can benefit from Alumni from their skills and experience.
  • Practical support for students can be offered by well placed alumni people to start careers.
  • As alumni people are located around the globe the exposure of the institution can be done in an international context.