The Most Trending SEO Techniques & Predictions

As 2016 has been half over internet marketing agencies are working hard to prepare strategies for optimizing their websites for search engines like Google and Bing. The following are the main factors that will be going to affect the Search Engine Optimization strategies.

Incoming and Outgoing Links from a Domain 82%
It has been found that the most dominant factors regarding SEO is based on the factors like quantity of links in numbers, up to what extend a domain can be trusted and  Google page rank for the domain.

Incoming and Outgoing Links from a Web Page – 81%
The second set of factors is depending upon the factors concerning web pages like Page rank, level of trust, the number of links pointing towards the root domain, distribution of anchor texts in the links, quality of the links going out and coming to the web page as well as nature of Spam links etc.

Keywords and Content on a Web Page – 78%
The third important set of factors is the relevance of the content on the web page, use of keywords on the page, arrangement of the topic on the web page based on the hierarchal structure etc. The quality as well as quantity of the content is also important as far as SEO is concerned.

Existence of Keywords in the Web page – 65%
These set of factors generally contribute to the traffic to the web page and the engagement of users once inside the web page. These generally include visitor traffic, Click through rate and other domain level factors. The length of the web page and the use of non keywords inside the web page will come under this section.

Brand Mentions Relevant to the Domain – 58%
The next section of factors that is having importance is the mention of brand offline. These will include the mentioning of domain name related to the brand and the mention of branded terms in offline media such as newspapers and classifieds.

Use of Keywords Relevant to Domain – 49%
One of the over concerning  factor that is concerned with the domain name is the exact match domain in which keywords are used in the domain. This sometimes includes usage of all keywords in the domain or using a portion of keywords in the domain.

Domain Name and Certificates – 40%
With the advent of many domain extensions it is difficult to conclude which domain to choose from. Google has announced that it treats most domains up to same extend while country specific domains play vital role in local search engine optimization practices. The usage of HTTPS in the domain is also having importance as far as SEO factors are concerned. The length of the domain is also of concern because of the truncating effect in mobile search.

Social Media sharing related to Web Page – 39%
The number of shares on various social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus have important role in determining the relevancy of a web page. The quality of the content on Facebook Share, Tweets and Google Plus One also contribute towards the ranking factors.

The Major Factors that will dominate in the coming year are as follows

  • Mobile Friendly Pages
  • Quality of Answers that might solve the Query
  • Usage of Content and Keywords in the Web page
  • ability to Read and Use the web page easily for all kind of users.
  • social Influencing factors like Shares and Likes.
  • Speed of Web Page Loading on various devices.
  • Usage of HTTPS on the Domain
  • URL structure and Internal Links related to the web page
  • Authority of the Domain and Web Page relevant to the subject of the Query

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