The Advantages of Merit Based Pay for Teachers

Tutors in every educational institution dream of a career with merit based payment system. This is due to the fact that merit based payment system are advantageous for both employees and employers. The following are some of the advantages of merit based payment system among teachers.

Motivational Factor
the main advantage of merit based payment system is the factor contributing to the motivation of teachers to perform better among the peer. Teachers who need more salary will work harder and perform well to get more merits and increase salaries. Recognizing the talents of the tutors also helps to boost the self confidence level.

Differentiating Factor
Merit based payment system among teachers will differentiate between a teacher performing well and a teacher performing poor. This will create a competitive spirit and all the teachers will be working hard to earn more merits. This can also help the management to point out the advantages of the top performing employees in helping out the poor performing employees.

Confidence Factor
Paying teachers based on the merit based system helps them in calculating their value in the group. This can help in increasing the self motivation factor and teachers with high confidence can be chosen for long term prospectus of the institution.

Salary based Factor
merit based payment system among teachers helps the employer to pay only for the effort a teacher is taking inside the educational organization.  In some cases where all employees are paid  uniformly by providing bonus as well creates the budget of the educational institution at stake.

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