Supplementary Content and its Effect on Search Engine Optimization

For most of the people in the digital marketing industry content is misinterpreted as written content. In Google Search Quality Guidelines and Google Quality Content raters content has been explained as both written as well as other content like images and videos. Along with the main content it is essential to have supplementary content in a web page to be able to list on search engine results page. It is also essential to have clear view of the content without supplementary content like ads hindering the web page.

The main content of the web page is in support to the meta description and title which helped the users to access the web page through search results it is the supplementary data that enhances the user experience while on the web page. This generally include the navigation headers and sidebar along with sections for comments and information required to contact for availing service or getting products.

One of the reason for the abandoning of web pages and increased exit rate for a web page is irrelevant supplementary content provided on the web page. Sometimes content that causes distraction is also considered not useful for the user. Chat Windows Advertisements and Sign Up boxes may or may not affect the user experience and distract the attention of the user.

Users coming into a web page through search engine results page looks for vital information which they are looking for. If there are more than enough information they are looking for on the web page then it is definitely going to improve the user experience.  A the same time pop ups and advertisements with auto play videos distract the attention of the users. In such cases the user will exit from the web page itself or go back to the search engine results page.

There are different types of supplementary content that can increase the user experience of the person who browses the web page.

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