Significance of Visual and Auditory Modalities of Learning among Students

One of the most effective methods for teaching students is using different ways in teaching methods. Different modality have different effects on the senses of the students. The major modalities that instructors use for teaching are visual and, auditory mediums which is explained below.

Visual Modality in Learning
The visual modality of learning refers to the sight of the students which is effective for visual learners. The following are the characteristics of learners with more visual skills.

  • More Attention to Detail
  • Have Good Handwriting and Vocabulary
  • Require Visual Demo for Understanding Things
  • Ability to Understand Words by Seeing
  • Causing Distraction by Visual Elements
  • Ability in remembering faces and forgetting names

Through the following methods visual modality can be incorporated in learning

  1. Use of Graphical Elements in Learning
  2. Provide Visual Charts and Illustrations
  3. Giving Instructions through Whiteboards
  4. Use of Films and visually enhanced media.
  5. Giving instructions for writing assignment

Auditory Modality in Learning

The auditory modality of learning is often explained as learning with the help of hearing.

Students who have auditory modality in Learning are as follows.

  • Have ability in Verbal Learning
  • Grasp Things when read to the learner
  • Find it Easy to explain things orally
  • Likes hearing music
  • Feels having discussions is important for learning
  • Gets distracted by Noise
  • Perform well in speeches

Through the following methods auditory modality can be incorporated in learning

  1. Giving verbal instructions for assignment
  2. Giving Lectures in Class
  3. Asking for Verbal Information
  4. Controlling vocal tone for conveying ideas
  5. Giving audio books for learning
  6. Prefers Quiet Learning Environment
  7. Utilizing music in Learning


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