Seven Best Lead Generation Techniques for Small Business

As far as lead generation is concerned Social Media Optimization is less effective that Search Engine marketing. Following are some of the best Lead Generation Techniques.

1. Customer Reference
Happy customers are the best prospectus for getting leads. When a customer refer to a person or business about your services the credibility of the services is assured.

2. SEO SEM and PPC
The best way to get leads through internet are utilizing the potential of Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. Using long tail keywords which usually consists of three words will be good in targeting customers better. There will be more specific landing pages for such queries and the competition of keywords can be reduced by utilizing these factors. Adding more content that is giving benefits to the customers can increase the search engine visits.

3. Co Marketing
Marketing in partnership with non competitive vendors for exchanging leads can have positive effects in getting more leads. These mutually benefiting activities will make both business grow at equal pace. Even though managing the alliance with the partners is time consuming the number of leads getting will be more.

4. Useful Content
Most of the customers do research online about the products and services before making a decision to contact the business. Those companies who provide useful content to the customers can create the feeling of thought leadership which will be the first step in getting leads. Providing Blogs, Webinars, Ebooks and Case studies are different ways to provide useful content.

5. Speaking at Events
Giving a presentation about the company at trade shows exhibitions and conferences are great ways in getting more brand exposure which will yield more leads. Following up with the individuals met at the events in the form of follow up emails will also be good in attracting more customers.

6. Contact Information
Providing contact information on the web page and showing quick links to the important services can increase the chance of customers contacting the business. Asking for more information about the products and services can also be acheived by providing a web form.

7. Live Chat
Adding live chat box to the website increases the chances of customers asking to support executive to know more about products and services. As people are looking for more fast answers from business providing live chat and support is an easy way to generate more leads.